Medstar EMS

About Us

Foley Ambulance was formed in 1973 by the Koehle family and acquired in 1978 by James R. Sundie known as Rick.  Initially the service ran out of his residence with only one ambulance; with strong community support the company grew swiftly.

Fairhope Ambulance was formed in 1972 by Gary Sandell and served the City of Fairhope and surrounding area with a Station Wagon type ambulance.  Before long the service developed to three ambulances.

During the years from 1978 to 1988 the two services grew to serve many areas that previously were covered by either volunteer or other paid services.  Foley Ambulance began to cover all communities from just South of Stapleton to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Florida State line to Fish River; whereas, at the same time Fairhope Ambulance began serving from the Spanish Fort/Crossroads Area to the Barnwell community and from Fish River to Mobile Bay.  In 1988 the two services changed their names to give a better depiction of the areas served; Foley Ambulance became Medstar and Fairhope Ambulance became Lifestar. 

By this point both Rick Sundie and Gary Sandell had built time tested relationships that are still viable today.   Furthermore, there were some of the most revered medics in the business employed by the two companies.

In 1995 the two companies merged and then Medstar became the primary provider from Stapleton South to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Florida State line to the Mobile County line.  In 1996 Medstar was sold to a national company.  After a few years it seemed that the national company had lost site of the core values established by the company and Rick decided to purchase the company back and so the second era begins.

In 2000 Medstar officially resumed operations receiving the first CON for ambulance service in Baldwin County.  April of 2002 brought an addition to the existing area of coverage.  North Baldwin Hospital had operated an ambulance service for approximately 13 years covering the Northern portion of Baldwin County.  The administration approached Rick about taking over the area in order for them to cease operations and he agreed.  From this point Medstar became the sole provider for Baldwin County.

On March 25th 2005 Good Friday turned somber when our leader, mentor, and friend left this earth to reap his eternal reward.  Interestingly, the skies opened up with rain shortly before the funeral began and Baldwin County recorded over 18 inches of rain in a 24-hour period; the heavens even wept for our loss.

Johnnie W. Sundie, Rick’s brother took the reins of the company and leads it to this day serving as General Manager.

In 2007 Medstar released the previous North Baldwin area to John and Melissa Sutton whom opened North Baldwin EMS.

Today, Medstar retains the original boundaries from the year 2000 when Rick acquired the company back.  We currently provide Advanced Life Support services through a fleet of twenty ambulances and three rapid response vehicles from eight stations strategically located throughout the jurisdiction.  We staff nine twenty-four hour units, one twelve hour unit, and two ten hour units that daily serve our citizens.  We currently employ over 130 employees that include EMTs, EMT/RNs, Advanced EMTs, Intermediates, Paramedics, and Paramedic/RNs, additionally a Clinical/Training Department, fleet maintenance division and an administrative staff are included.